Who We Are

We prepare kids for success in the digital world by teaching them how to code.

Our unique approach combines the benefits of teacher-led instruction and the ease and convenience of online classrooms.

Our developmental curriculum is based on hands-on learning where each student will have their own personal website that they build out and share as they learn coding.


Young Gates: How It Can Help Kids Learn

Young Gates has made it possible that the future innovators in the technological world are now served with a chance at technology fluency through kids’ online programming classes that equip them with skills such as coding. The fact that your child could grow up to become the next technology genius makes it all the more promising. Young Gates equips kids with vital problem solving, creativity as well as communication.

Young Gates bring up next generation’s innovators

Young Gates is invested in providing coding classes for kids. Through this, it is proving to be very instrumental in empowering kids particularly because it gives them the tools they need in this day and age where everything is shifting towards technology, and consequently they are able to express themselves in really awesome ways. The e-learning sessions for kids between the ages of 10 to 18 gives them a rare ability to actually communicate with machines.

Project-based learning helps build strong critical thinking skills

The numerous early learning meant to train them to write programs is instrumental in stretching their minds so much so that they are able to think bigger and better. It also creates a way of thinking about matters that are beneficial in all parameters.

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