Camp - Pre-Algebra Math

Topic 1

Expressions and properties

Write variable expressions: one operation

Write variable expressions: two or three operations

Write variable expressions: word problems

Evaluate linear expressions

Evaluate multi-variable expressions

6 Evaluate absolute value expressions


Topic 2  

One-variable equations

Which x satisfies an equation?

Write an equation from words

Solve one-step equations

Solve two-step equations

Solve equations: word problems

Solve equations involving like terms


Topic 3

One-variable inequalities

Solutions to inequalities

Graph inequalities on number lines

Write inequalities from number lines

Solve one-step inequalities

5 Graph solutions to one-step inequalities

6 One-step inequalities: word problems

7 Solve two-step inequalities


Topic 4

Two-variable equations

1 Does (x, y) satisfy the equation?

Identify independent and dependent variables

3 Find a value using two-variable equations

Solve word problems involving two-variable equations

Complete a table for a two-variable relationship

Write a two-variable equation


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