Chalk Sculpture

With this workshop, we have brought you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the art of chalk carving. This is completely beginner-friendly in nature, all we demand is patience and a desire to learn this art form. In this one-week-long workshop, we will cover several things like an introduction to soft carving, exploring tools and materials, types of sculptures, pressure control, sketching and planning, observation skills, and understanding proportion and measurements. Every day we will cover projects on how to carve basic shapes, flowers, individual letters, names and sculpting chess pieces, etc.



We will need soft chalk, toothpick, pencil/pen, paper/sketchbook

Chalk can be of various types, for this activity we need soft chalk, which will be easier to carve using a tooth pick. Regular took pick or bamboo sticks (barbecue sticks) 


Price: $199.00

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